metaxu ~= "in between"


“ I do not imagine that i can benefit others;
i have done this to perfume my own mind. ” ^

Dharma is where you find it!

As a voracious reader since childhood, i would see many themes repeated in writings by many people from many places. I came to see, both in literature and in life, that “good” is a universal, existing in all cultures and all people.

In later days, the more i study the dharma (in the form of Tibetan mahayana buddhism), the more i see the same teachings everywhere. Or, it’s just that i can now more satisfyingly name and categorise the ideas that i am seeing.

This site is my attempt to document some of what i see. The quotes are words chosen from all over the world and from all traditions, which to me say what Buddhism is saying. And that this can be, itself tells me that the world gives us what we need to overcome the world.

And also, maybe this site can help to show how very relevant to all of us are the precious teachings that Tibet has been taking care of. And therefore, a reason why Tibet, its culture, and its cause for freedom are all so important.

NOTE: I am not a professional student of Buddhism. The words i am saving here, and the tags i am saving them under, reflect only my own, of course woefully incomplete, knowledge and understanding of Buddhism. (I am expecting that understanding to be incomplete until i die :) ) As His Holiness/AA says:

Take what you like, and leave the rest!

The site structure

The “categories”, listed in the “right column, are what i think of as the “boxes” of human culture from which i have drawn the different quotes.

The “tags”, in the “tag cloud” at the bottom of the page, are either: A principle of Buddhism/universal good, or, A core teacher or teaching.

Revised 6 april 2015