metaxu ~= "in between"

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The ground of anything becoming troublesome is taking things to be real, when we don’t examine the interdependent origination of all things.

two types of love

There are two types of love and compassion. One type is conditioned — “beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful sound” — that kind of love is greatly conditioned. As soon as these conditions disap­pear, then no more love! So, a few days of great happiness — kissing and cuddling — just a few days — then, no more! It is over because of too much conditioning, which is a result of ignorance. That is not sound love or compassion.

The other type of love and compassion arises when one realizes that others are human beings, sentient beings “just like me”, who do not want suffering, who want happiness. And, on that basis, some kind of love, respect and deep understanding comes into being.

why celibacy? [2]

They are the door to every pain i have.


compassion is essential

Compassion is not religious; it is human.
It is not luxury; it is essential for peace and mental stability.
It is essential for our survival.

when we let go

When we let go, the ground under our feet becomes stable. Before that, we were walking on thin air.

karma open

The idea about karma is that you continually get the teachings you need to open your heart.

Pema Chodron

operating from misconceptions

Most of our trouble stems from attachment to things that we mistakenly see as permanent. Operating from that misconception, we see aggregation and competitiveness as helpful in the pursuit of what we imagined and desire.

Dalai Lama