over the shifting mind

shifting mind
~ It’s not cynical to recognize self-deception for what it is.
* Faith is not self-deception!
~ What is it then?
+ Some would argue that it places the constant heart over the shifting mind.
~ Isn’t that voluntary stupidity though?
x Or, possibly, recognizing the failings of your own brain.
+ So we’re stupid regardless?
x Well, that’s a given.

attachment in oz

Dorothy desires to get home. But she’s so attached to the idea that she gets distracted by everything else going on around her and caught up in all the pre-existing drama of Oz. She isn’t able to realize what she has to do to get home until she’s forced to let go of her attachment (when the “wizard” floats away without her and she gives up hope).

When she was forced to say to herself for a moment “Okay, I’m here now.” (and thus embracing the current moment) her mind became clear enough to see what she really had to do.

amethysts at metafilter explaining book The Zen of Oz

trying is all we have

Later, trying to enter her mind to see the world from within, he thought: each of us inhabits a world somewhat different from all others. We harbor all manner of models and theories, but without inhabiting the skin of others, can we truly understand their experience of life, in all its dimensions? Not quite, but trying is the best we can do, even though it may not lead us closer to the Truth. Trying is all we have.

Namit Arora, Trying Is All We Have