bodhicitta Tib. ཇང་ཆུབ་སེམས jang chub sems
“awakening mind”
the wish to attain complete enlightenment (that is, Buddhahood) in order to be of benefit to all sentient beings trapped in cyclic existence (samsāra)
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chöd Tib. གཅོད་
“cutting through”
confronting a negative thing as an entity, accepting it, and transforming it
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lo jong
“mind training”
refining and purifying one’s motivations and attitudes, using antidotes to undesired mental habits that cause suffering, and concentration on absolute and relative bodhicitta
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meta Gr: μετα
(“beyond”, “with”, “adjacent”, “self”), a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, a category about itself
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metaxu Gr: μεταξύ
“between” more
“every separation a link”   “an intermediary”   “a bridge” more
“middle ground”   “things can be perceived by different people in different ways” more
“culture”   “a ground”   “that which separates and connects” more
a silly, possibly pretentious, label for a human person More at
saddha Pāli: saddhā, Sanskrit: śraddhā
“the initial acceptance of the Buddha’s teachings, prior to the acquisition of right understanding and right thought”
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samsara Tib. འཁོར་བ་་ khor wa
“continuous flow”
the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth
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tong len Tib. གཏོང་ལེན་
“giving and taking”
taking onto oneself the suffering of others on the in-breath, and on the out-breath giving happiness and success to all sentient beings.
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These are just some small summaries. They are all from my own ignorance, and certainly not complete. Hopefully they point a way.

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