We must understand first that nonviolence is not passivity. It is instead creative activity. That activity takes place within particular limits: … The recognition of others as fellow human beings, even when they are our adversaries.

That recognition does not require that we acquiesce to the demands of others when we disagree. Rather, it requires that our action, even when it coerces the other (as boycotts, strikes, sit-ins and human blockades often do), does not aim to destroy that other in his or her humanity.

It requires that we recognize others as fellow human beings, even when they are on the other side of the barricades.

bodhisattva vow

The passions of delusion are inexhaustible. I vow to extinguish them.
The number of beings is endless. I vow to save them.
The Truth cannot be told. I vow to tell it.
The Way which cannot be followed is unattainable. I vow to attain it.

The Bodhisattva vow

sound of suffering

The whole universe or the structure that perceives it is a worthy opponent, but try as I may I can not escape the sound of suffering. Perhaps as an old man I will take great comfort in pottering around in a lab and gently talking to students in the summer evening and will accept suffering with insouciance. But not now; men in their prime, if they have convictions are tasked to act on them.