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why celibacy? [4]

I can love more people this way.


experiences of love

Asexuality – and/or celibacy – can open the door for more diverse experiences of love.

why celibacy? [5]

Celibacy is a tool, a skilful means, like intentional simplicity of life.

two types of love

There are two types of love and compassion. One type is conditioned — “beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful sound” — that kind of love is greatly conditioned. As soon as these conditions disap­pear, then no more love! So, a few days of great happiness — kissing and cuddling — just a few days — then, no more! It is over because of too much conditioning, which is a result of ignorance. That is not sound love or compassion.

The other type of love and compassion arises when one realizes that others are human beings, sentient beings “just like me”, who do not want suffering, who want happiness. And, on that basis, some kind of love, respect and deep understanding comes into being.

why celibacy [6]

anything can serve to to remind one, to keep one mindful.
being celibate is one way.

duty of love

The first duty of love is to listen.

Paul Tillich

why celibacy? [2]

They are the door to every pain i have.