at the still point

At the still point in the center of the circle
one can see the infinite in all things.



A meditation: See people, events, objects as apparitions, like how you see faces in patterns when you’re a bit tired or spaced out.

Then maybe you won’t take them so seriously.

T.R. Fischer

conquering fear

A third-wave of cognitive-behavioral therapy … holds that simply observing your critical thoughts without judging them is a more effective way to tame them than pressuring yourself to change or denying their validity. …

“Part of what mindfulness does is get to you to recognize that these critical thoughts are really stories you have created about yourself. They are not necessarily true, but they can have self-fulfilling consequences, … If you can get some distance from them, you can see that there are choices about how to respond.” …

Neuro-imaging studies have shown that when people consider problems mindfully, they use additional brain circuits beyond those that simply involve problem-solving. …

“What happens in mindfulness over the long haul is that you finally accept that you’ve seen this soap opera before and you can turn off the TV.”

Conquering Fear: Wall Street Journal

meditation and healing

“Can meditation cure disease?” Yes.

In 2003 Lama Phakyab Rinpoche refused surgery for his gangrene-stricken leg, and approached it with meditation, on the advice of His Holiness Dalai Lama. After a year, his leg was healed, and his diabetes and tuberculosis are gone as well.

Second page is where science tries to apply its view — some words about ལུང་ (lung) channels | brain networks.